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Kinetic Typography

The project was inspired by Ronny Chieng's talk show on Netflix, where he comically introduced the Chinese New Year proverb that everyone wishes each other, "GONG XI FA CAI", which in English means I hope you become rich. It's a little bit cheesy, but it's also a very direct way to express the Chinese people's wishes for each other in the New Year. The project attempts to follow the tone and mood of the comedian for the purpose of cultural exchange, entertainment, and celebration of the holiday.



During Chinese New Year,

The biggest holiday for Chinese people,

Chinese New Year,

When we see each other during Chinese New year,

The way we greet each other is we say,

“Gong xi fa cai,” or “Gong hei fat choy” in Cantonese.

I’m sure you’ve heard that,

at least peripherally, “Gong xi fa cai.”

“Gong xi fa cai.”

“Gong xi fa cai.”

“Gong xi fa cai.” Means, “Hope you get rich!”

That’s not “Happy new year!”

Do you understand, the go-to phrase during Chinese New Year isn’t,

“Hey, happy new year.”

It’s “Yo, hope you get rich.”

“Hope you get rich, hope you get richer than all these other motherfuckers.

Hope you get so fucking rich, man.”

Hope you get rich and also hope… You better hope I get rich.

We can hope for each other… Both get rich together.”



The atmosphere of Chinese New Year in design.



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Motion Design: Liyue Bai
Cast Voice: Ronny Chieng ( Non-commercial )

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