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This project aims to convey the concept of discovery, transcendence, and realization of the self. The metaphysics and mystery that drive the human experience, the feeling that we belong to the only exploration of our minds into infinite space, and also the abstract and psychedelic visual exploration of self-reflection and imagination. The mediums I chose to do it in 3D  between Cinema 4D, After Effects, RedshiftRender, and Red Gaint software. 



By definition, this idiomatic element comes from the Greek word meaning "after, behind; in between, between" and also has a meaning about the change higher and further. It now refers to a conceptual layer of something that is beyond or transcendent of the thing itself and hence denotes self-awareness or self-reflection.”


Humanity's constant transcendence, and change, is driven by the illusion of its own inadequacy here and now, and the goal is to discover and realize the self, like our initial recognition of what is me in the mirror: me in the mirror, me without wings, will never think I have the ability to fly, but our technologies - such as language, writing, telecommunications, and virtual reality - constitute in turn the metamorphosis of our collective existence.


Is meta's so-called transcendence a reinvention of the so-called I? Let me not be the same as I am in the mirror or the me that is not trapped by the mirror, the physical, the corporeal, so I see meta as a way to discover who I am that is beyond the matter itself, the physical presence, and a way that is possible for the range of human experience: to truly experience the world of me that is not trapped by the body, and thus find that fuller version of myself.



MOME 748 final project.png

Epic, futuristic, ambitious mood.











Cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Suite, RedshiftRender, DazCentral, Adobe mixamo


Music: My Lord by Yarin Primak

Creation and Direction by Liyue Bai
Solo Production by Liyue Bai

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