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Title Sequence

Inspired by European underground art festivals, Singularity Plan® curated its first "Singularity Art Festival" in 2017, the first art festival for independent illustration and comics in China. They are dedicated to promoting independent artworks by young artists and allowing the artistic spirit of independent creation to flourish. There, the audience can see nearly 100 groups of artworks by top artists in China and feel the charm of art that surges out of the collision of ideas.

This project conveys the meaning and connotation of the Singularity Festival through an understanding of the concept of Singularity and showcases key prominent exhibiting artists through a retro-style title sequence to promote the event. Singularity, a form of the universe before the big bang, contains all the potential energy of matter, and this potential energy is transformed from the big bang into the mass and energy of cosmic matter. Singularity Plan hopes to explore the human spiritual world through art and develop its potential infinitely.


The project was initially conceived as an attempt to emulate the title sequence style of 80's film and television and the tunneling effect to show the visualization process of exploring the universe and the human spiritual world. The video references the flickering effect of the 2009 ENTER THE VOID title sequence, the retro feel of the 1967 Ultraman title sequence, and the 1988 retro lightning title card of Thunderbolt Bebe.



A mood board of retro style, acid style, and underground dark atmosphere.



Project3 Precession_edited_edited.png



- Fog, Brigade – XILIN WANG



Motion Design: Liyue Bai
Music: Travel - Xilin Wang (1986)

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